Edwin Koot

Edwin is the founder and CEO of Solarplaza, the global knowledge platform and organizer of solar PV events around the world. He founded the company in 2004, after having worked as a consultant in the industry since 1994.
Being involved in solar PV on a high level since the early days, Edwin has an extensive network of solar experts, analysts and executives.
He has instant access to the latest news, insights and developments.
In his blogs he focuses on the 'bigger picture' and large developments in the solar industry.

Paul van der Linden

Paul joined Solarplaza in 2008. He started out with mind-numbing database work, but soon proved highly capable of putting his Business Administration degree to work. He loves brainstorms, new business concepts and marketing strategies. Nothing, however, enthuses him more than exploring new emerging solar markets in Latin America, Africa & Asia.  
Paul wants to bring solar 'to the people' and keeps an eye on the trends in marketing solar energy, which is one of the themes in his blogs. You'll also find him blogging on new & exciting potential solar markets.

Tom van der Linden

Two months after Paul joined Solarplaza, he managed to sneak his little brother in to take over his mind-numbing database tasks. Thus, their lifelong hierarchical relationship as siblings has perfectly transitioned in a steady working partnership. Tom is the creative thinker & designer, working on the company's websites, emailings & marketing outings. 
As editor of the SUN newsletter, Tom is completely up-to-date on all the latest headlines and cover stories. He'll be connecting the dots between these updates. He'll also provide some comic relief by highlighting remarkable and inspiring solar stories.

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About Solarplaza is the independent global platform for knowledge, trade and events for the photovoltaic solar energy (PV) industry.

SolarPlaza is a private company, founded in 2004 and based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Solarplaza has built a network of trusted friends and personal contacts all over the world. The company has been leading and inspiring the solar industry with high level events and trade missions for more than seven years.

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