10 Great Solar Energy Commercials



We’ve come a long way in marketing solar.


From the nostalgic Dale Robertson commercial in the 80s:

To Solon impressing everyone with a Hollywood disaster-movie scene.

But speaking to peoples hearts and minds isn’t necessarily the most effective way to market solar, when it appears that most people go solar for the money, according to this survey and this one.

So Sunrun deliberately takes down the stereotypes in these great and funny commercials:

And focus one of their commercials completely on the most practical effect of going solar for consumers; stopping the meter from spinning.

And while my colleague Tom was ‘calling for a Mr. S.’ to match Epuron’s obnoxious Wind personification in a recent blog, SunRun was one step ahead and already created a new series of ads, revolving around ‘the new bright guy’ in the office, who “outshines” all the others.

OK, so it seems like SunRun is way ahead of the competition when it comes to creative solar marketing and advertising. Kudo’s to them! But there must be more (coming)? If you know of similar creative, funny or inspirational solar advertising, please give us a shout! 

PS: If you didn’t enough for now, look at this spot for the Nissan Leaf. It could just as well been a solar commercial showing the world if everything ran on gas: