Brit & Dutchie to row the Amazon river, powered by Solar Energy!



One of the coolest headlines of the day in the Reuters stream: "Briton, Dutchman seek to be first to row the Amazon", continuing with the advanturous lead:
"A Briton and his Dutch rowing partner will brave piranhas, bandits and disease in an attempt to be the first crew to row the length of the Amazon river in September."

"People have kayaked it, walked it, swum it, but never rowed it, so I thought that's me, then," Daredevil Wright told Reuters in an interview.
Well sure, that's just solid reasoning! Of course, they will support a charity with their trip.

Anyway, the two thrill-seeking academics are planning to stay on board throughout the entire trip (only making a few stops for supplies at riverside villages). So they'll eat, sleep and carry all their supplies on board. And, here's where 'we' (as in: solar) come in, they'll rely on SOLAR POWER to make sure they can continue to communicate ('cause what's an adventure, without a blog/twitterfeed/instagramstream/facebookpage?) and, - perhaps more importantly - navigate. The two panels on the roof of their boat will look out for them.

If this intruiges you as much as me, keep an eye on their website for updates:

I'll conclude with a last quote from Anton Wright (the Briton):
"We have no realistic idea of what we're going to encounter. What could possibly go wrong?"
Sure Anton. Just keep an eye out for the piranhas. Godspeed!