Is the UK the new Germany?



The UK currently is one of the few significantly growing markets in Europe. The UK FIT scheme registered 34 MW of newly installed PV capacity during the month of May. According to the statistics until May, the average per month is around 35 MW. This would lead to around 420 MW new capacity for whole of 2013. This figure is not including the larger PV power plants built under the Renewable Energy Obligation scheme. The number of larger power plants is growing fast as well, scattered over the Southern parts of the country.

Data presented at the Global Demand Conference, show that the UK installed around 2.5 GigaWatt of PV so far. By the end of Q1 in 2013, large scale projects account for 50% of the market. It will make the UK the third largest market in Europe behind Germany and Italy. Minister Gregory Barker gave a reason for the current and future success: “The UK has a reformed, robust and fully-financed support framework for renewables, set all the way to 2020 and beyond.” The minister was a speaker at The Solar Future UK in London, this week. He explained: “my ambition is to have 20 GW of solar deployed in the UK by 2020”. The 34 MW installed PV power under the Feed-in Tariff is still ten times less than the 344 MW installed in Germany in May, although the larger PV power plants are not yet included. Nevertheless, the UK market is probably the only market in Europe significantly growing, while installations in Germany and Italy are falling rapidly. Looking at the UK target, the UK surpassing Germany is no longer a mission impossible...