Energy utility cutting in its own flesh?



Why would a Dutch energy utility advertise nationally to stimulate private customers to install solar on their roofs? See the ENECO advertisement today in the Dutch National newspaper Volkskrant.
Why are they actively trying to reduce their revenues from electricity sales? Or do they understand the new paradigm and transition to shift away from the crowded, highly competitive liberalised electricity market by offering new added value services? The international discussion is taking off. See also the article at Renewable energy World. Their aim is to become the most sustainable energy utility. They actively promote customers to save energy, apply solar power on their roof and they will help as well. With a Sungevity lookalike tool, you can find out how much solar is feasible on your roof. So many utilities still don’t get it: see the dedicated TUSK website to stand up against this. Where are the other examples out there in the world of energy utilities understanding that solar is not an enemy, or threat, but rather an inevitable new opportunity to survive as company and by the way as planet as well...? Send in your good examples!