Solar PV Tour: 'Super Awesome Solar Caribbean Cruise'



Here in the office, we've been discussing the possibility of organizing a trade mission to the Caribbean, to explore the (huge) potential of the tropical islands.

As you can imagine, this has also been the subject of quite a lot of jokes. Obviously, we would have to get around with boats (big, ridiculous, luxiourious boats), have amazing networking events (on white beaches, with lots of cocktails), and stay at decent hotels (right on the shore).

I can only imagine the awkward conversation in which our intended customer has to convince his boss that it's important for him to join the 'Super Awesome Solar Cruise 2013'. "No really! There's a lot of solar potential and we get to meet all the key figures!"

Some of the puzzle pieces are starting to come together though, with the latest announcement from the Westin group. The Westin hotel resort on now the (Dutch!) island St. Maarten can boast with the honours of being the first solar-powered resort in the Caribbean. That's a start...