Reality check: Why do people really go solar?!



From a survey among UK home-owners: 80% goes solar to reduce their energy bills. More than ⅓ stated they found current energy bills to become unaffordable. With major energy retailers increasing bills twice in the last year it is obviously an issue close to many people’s mind. Over 70% of those that had installed solar believed that solar panels were an effective way to reduce current bills and protect themselves for the future. Only 35% of people that had not installed solar did not believe this to be the case. Over two thirds of the population surveyed that had installed solar panels had seen their energy bills and cost of living reduced significantly. A huge 85% of those that installed would recommend the technology to their friends and family, showing that the growth of solar panels must truly be one of the fastest markets in the UK.

And here are 9 other surprising facts about people who go solar.