Solar Marketing: Calling for a Mr. S



Okay, it's quite old (2007), but it was new to me and it might be to you: an incredibly smart wind-energy promotion video by Epuron. This is the kind of cool and ingenious marketing that I sometimes miss in the solar industry. We can do this!

My first thought was that someone should make a solar response to this video (I can totally see it: a big Mr. S. obnoxiously shining in people's eyes, causing sunburns, igniting wildfires), but that's not enough. We must come up with our own stuff instead of copying what's done. Last year's "Solar Gangnam Style" cracked me up, but it was a free ride on a bigger hype. We need some good solar virals. 

Or maybe I'm just not looking in the right places? If you know some awesome solar videos, please share them with us!

I think my colleague Paul has already taken up the challenge to collect some cool solar marketing campaigns, so stay tuned for more on the topic!