What we’re working on at Solarplaza




Summer is upon us and all around people are re-energizing for the second half of the year. For us it’s always a good time to reflect on the great projects we’ve done and prepare for all the new plans we’ve developed these past months.

From September until December we’ll have a full schedule with 7 events in 6 countries. All focused on brand new topics and markets.

We’re determined to specialize further in the specific needs of our customers, as the industry is growing up and is in need of high-level knowledge exchange on in-depth topics. The regular ‘renewable energy conference’ doesn’t cut it anymore. A good example are the upcoming events in Italy completely focused on solar self-consumption and solar operations & maintenance. We’re moving past subsidies, past centralization of the market and further into consolidation. I believe the smartest companies will thrive, and hope you’ll follow us forward to new markets, segments, and the new stage in the solar industry’s development.

Don’t hesitate to let us know what the topics are on YOUR agenda.

Ours is the following: