Hydrogen Storage to the rescue

The Clean Energy Partnership is a German network of companies pulling together to introduce hydrogen as a fuel. 

Their philosophy:

Hydrogen could play a key role in the transition to renewable energy. The German government´s energy concept provides a clear target for the expansion of renewable energy use – from 20 per-cent in 2011 to 80 percent in 2050. This requires an efficient power grid that can absorb the power fluctuations of renewable energy sources. If more electricity is produced than is needed at certain times, the energy must be temporarily stored so that it is not lost. But Germany has insufficient storage capacity available for this.

Hydrogen could provide a solution, as large amounts of energy can be stored in the form of hydro-gen. Not just for hours or days, but for weeks and months without appreciable loss. This means that hydrogen is able to play a strong supporting role in the transition to renewable energy, becau-se the greatest challenge facing our energy industry right now is to solve the timing issues between energy supply and demand. The hydrogen produced in this way is transformed back into electricity as needed, for example in a power plant. The most efficient way to do this is directly in the fuel cell of a car, bus, boat or plane. Renewably produced hydrogen therefore supports a low-carbon energy supply and clean mobility – independent of fossil fuels.
— Clean Energy Partnership

Their great promo video (which orginally caught our attention):