In 60 years' time solar technology has come... well, not that far

Dutch solar expert Wim Sinke brought this amazing video to our attention at The Solar Future: NL '14 last week. It's an eleven-minute film from Bell, that introduces the very first "Bell Solar Battery". One of the most amazing things about it is how little has actually changed in the technology and philosophy of the solar cell over the past 60 years. 

The technology behind the solar cell hasn't changed much. The looks of the solar cell are also still pretty much the same. 

Space 800x600.jpg

In the video they're already talking about things like energy storage, its potential for use in space and solar powered electronics & gadgets.

CSP 800x600.jpg

It's really cool to see the original inventors work on - and play with - their revolutionary invention! 

There's even a good ol' PV sneer directed at CSP, basically discounting it as "a primitive attempt" that scientists dabbled with in the 19th century.

See the video in full below:

That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed this little history lesson.